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Sonoma County Belly Boat Bass Club Guestbook

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22 Entries
Lukas Email

City Warszawa

State Poland

Home Page

Great site, congratulations.

Scott Miller Email

I noticed that one of your members was using a Dave Scadden Outlaw Escape pontoon boat on Saturday at your tournament at Beacon Harbor. I am interested in the Outlaw Escape and wondered if I could contact your member and ask him what he thinks of the pontoon boat. He could contact me at the email above or my cell phone @ 408-761-2218.

troy Email

City sebastopol

State california

Hi my name is troy. I heard about the sonoma county belly boat bass club from fishing phil. I love bass fishing and want to join the club. I will be coming to the meeting tonight to meet the club. Thankyou for having a guest book on your website. I really appreciate it. Thanks, troy. Hope to meet you soon.

William E Groce (Bill) Email

City Placerville

State Ca

Hi: My name is Bill. I've been fishing sense I was a little kid. Farly new to the belly boats. I have used it up here in Placerville on some ponds and got some nice bass. I think it would be more fun fishing with others who like the belly boats has much as I do. I would like to fish the Delta but not sure where to go. Maybe someone can help me with that.

Bill Groce.

wayne shanks Email

City big river

State cali/az line

Bass Club parker bass n tubes

we would like to invite u all to are frist bass and tube and kick boat tourment some time in april ...we will send more info to you and plus maybe you can help us make it big and help us get a banner to and we will make flyers to and maybe u guys can put some up for us and we casino rooms for around 22.00 a night and they have a killer buffey to ....u can call me anytime my name is wayne 760-665-6161
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